Pass Your Driving Test

Tips for passing your driving test

Are you ready for your Practical Driving Test?

To obtain your provisional drivers licence, you will need to pass a practical driving test. The Q -Safe driving test is designed to assess your ability to drive safely and adhere to the Queensland road rules.

Listed below are 20 tips on how to pass your driving test:

  1. Correct repetition focusing on good driving habits prior to your driving test
  2. Being taught the correct information
  3. Demonstrate good vehicle control
  4. Relax and try to control your nerves
  5. If you notice you’ve made a mistake, try to remain calm and focus on the rest of the driving test
  6. Be confident with performing driving test manoeuvres such as reverse parking, reversing exercise (straight line reverse), U turns, 3 point turns and changing gears while driving
  7. By performing shoulder checks when necessary
  8. By demonstrating a safe crash avoidance space to your driving examiner
  9. Demonstrate correct vision skills by constantly scanning ahead, regular mirror checks and keeping your eyes on the move
  10. Identify and respond to hazards appropriately 
  11. Be guided by traffic signs, signals and road markings
  12. Make early decisive decisions
  13. Being educated by your Driving Instructor on how the driving test will be assessed and what will be expected from you
  14. Be comfortable and used to the car you will be using for your driving test
  15. Be decisive when approaching stale green traffics lights and being prepared to stop for an amber light if it is safe to do so
  16. By directing vision to the rear while reversing
  17. By coming to a complete stop at stop signs
  18. By not exceeding the speed limit
  19. Being confident with multi lane roundabouts and multi lane intersections
  20. Be organised and get to your appointment early

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The Q -Safe driving test Driving Instructors share a passion of instill safe, defensive driving skills to all their leaner drivers!

The skills listed above should be of an habitual nature. Don’t just pass your driving test…. Be a safe, defensive driver for life!


Listed below are some of the most common reasons learner drivers fail their practical driving test:

  • Exceeding the speed limit – This will result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Not coming to a complete STOP at a STOP sign – This will result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Failing to look out the rear while reversing – This will result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Mounting the kerb, usually during a reverse park or 3 point turn – This can result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Failing to maintain a safe following distance – This can result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Not stopping at an amber light when it is safe to do so – This will result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)
  • Failing to stay in the same lane in s multi lane roundabout – This will result in a critical driving error (Immediate fail)


Upper Coomera Driving School can help you prepare and be confident when going for your practical driving test. Preparation is key!